I had the pleasure of wandering among the stones in 1992, but not in 1998 when they were fenced off

alignments at Kermario

A spot of local bother on the 1st September 2002 offered a second opportunity to acquaint myself with these massive menhirs, most of which stand man-size or more. There was a whole bunch of guys there and obviously some fuss, allegedly because of the compulsory purchase of land . I didn't really follow all the ins and out, but since there was a guy with a key who had opened the gate a waved a coachload of people through who were being given a guided tour I figured I'd go through too.

trouble in menhirland...?

trouble in menhirland - I can feel the words to a song coming on...

What was a lot clearer this time was the allée-couverte of Kermario, which had always been obscured by the timber viewing platform of old.

Kermario Allée Couverte

Kermario Allée Couverte