The Kerlescan alignments

View of the Kerlescan alignments from the west. A QTVR panorama of this is available (500k)

Much less visited than the Menéc alignments, and with a correspondingly smaller car park, once again on the left just before a right-hand bend near the riding school as your travel NE from Kermario. Presumably not many people get up this far, having been sated by the attractions of Menec and Kermario. As late as 1998 this was still not fenced, but was in 2002. However, you could get in, and the notice board indicated these areas had been regenerated and would be open off season. I was lucky enough to be just off season by a day.

Sketch of how to find the Geant in the forest

Sketch of how to find the Géant in the forest

The Geant du Manio, 6.5 m tall

While you're here, take the time out to meet le Géant du Manio, a 6.5m menhir in the forest. Take the largest path N from the car-park, going past the horse grazing fields, and the Géant is signposted on a turning west. It is the largest standing menhir in the area, 6.5 m high, and nearby is a rectangular-ish enclosure of stone, the Quadrilateral.

It's reasonably easy to find, though I took the wrong path to start with. The sketch on the right shows the layout - start out going N ignoring any paths heading due west at the beginning. The turning W to the Géant is signposted and only happens after a slight clearing in the forest